World champion para-badminton Ilse van de Burgwal about the founding of PBFI
My passion in life is and always has been badminton. When I was young, I experienced chronic backache and as a result I had to give up playing badminton for quite some time. I sought help from doctors and had several operations in order to rectify the problem, eventually everything seemed to fall in place and I was once again able to play without any physical pain. Unfortunately it was not long after that I was involved in a car crash which caused permanent damage to both legs. It is due to the accident that I am forced to play badminton in a wheelchair. I missed playing badminton so badly that I decided to start playing again in 2009 and with success. In 2011 I became World Champion in ladies single.

World Championship 2011 – Guatemala    1st single | 2nd doubles | 2nd mix
European Championship 2012 – Germany   1st single | 1st doubles | 1st mix
European Championship 2010 – Switserland   1st single | 1st doubles | 2nd mix
Dutch Championship 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015   1st single | 1st doubles | 1st mix

I have my own vision on para-badminton which seems to be confirmed by the fact that I have been unbeaten for the last 4 years on national and international level.

There is a demand for good and professional trainers within the para-badminton world. Often just knowing what para-badminton entails is not sufficient to help players achieve a more competative level. I would love to fill this gap between know-how and actual training, for players and trainers