Why does Para-Badminton Foundation Ilse van de Burgwal organize PlayersExperiences?
To put you as a player in a central position! To increase your level of play, so as to improve your badminton skills even more. With personal attention and by doing exercises in a group, we will teach you the tips and tricks of para-badminton. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a wheelchair or not, or whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player. During a PlayersExperience the following aspects of the sport will be addressed:

A solid base for a badminton player is technique. No matter how well you can walk or roll, as long as the shuttle doesn’t land where you want it to, you’ve already lost the rally in advance. During a PlayersExperience different types of technique will be discussed.

A good technique is associated with tactical insight. Where do you place the shuttle? What is your position in the field? These are all questions we can find corresponding exercises with during a PlayersExperience.

As a (para)badminton player it’s important to be in good shape. Especially when you have a disability, it’s vital the rest of your body is in a good condition. We will help you with that. We’ll do badminton specific exercises to make you physically stronger. This can both be done in strength, as well as in endurance. Furthermore we can also give you specific exercises so you can work on a better condition at home.

Do you have a winner’s mentality? Are you desperate to win in the field? How do you act when you’re unexpectedly behind in points? How do you enter the field? Do you give your opponent a limp handshake or a firm one? These are all questions dealing with the sport’s mental aspect. When you’re a top badminton player and you face another top player, the mental aspect can be the difference between winning and losing. During a PlayersExperience this mental aspect will be applied and practiced.

Playing sports is for fun, regardless at which level you play. Within any sport four facets apply, but we’ve added a fifth to it: fun. We believe that (top)sports and pleasure go together. At recreational level, but definitely in top sports in general.

Positive coaching
It’s important to be motivated as a player and especially not to get demotivated. Therefore positive coaching will mark every PlayersExperience, training or match.